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Finally someone who gives what he promises. For years I have been dealing with Italian hosting providers and not, from the advertisements that are read on their sites are all the best for any user, then in practice the reality turns out very different, when you then need assistance you are want to emigrate to another planet. WITH SUPPORTHOST THIS PROBLEM DOES NOT EXIST. You do not have time to write to him that after a few minutes you already see the answer, and they are not answers to download barrel like the others where it is always the fault of the user, here they really take you by hand and solve any problems with the user. Do not be fooled by the location of their headquarters, they are more Italian than many Italians. Not only I recommend it but I super recommend it, they really deserve your full attention. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
I am a webmaster by profession, before I was on Aruba. I paid a lot for a slow service and almost non-existent assistance. not to mention the site, hurt and an absurd inconvenience. I moved to SupportHost and in 10 days I transferred 5 domains, with relatively little difficulty. I was literally "cuddled" by the support of this Italian hosting in these 10 days, receiving answers sometimes until 2 am. Not to mention the prices ... I wonder if they are to make good prices or Aruba to steal money (they even got to pay for advertising on TV). They were also kind enough to create me a personalized rate plan, increasing the service where I needed it, keeping an eye on my wallet, before theirs. And they also have a good affiliate plan ... What to say ... It's only 10 days that I've migrated here, and the comment is a bit hot. He's spinning everything too smoothly, I'm still stunned. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
For over two years I have been a customer. I always found an answer, in a very short time. In the commercial aspects, but above all in the technical ones. Their support, sometimes within half an hour, sometimes even in the middle of the night, goes far beyond what they are required to provide as a service. Always available, always attentive, always courteous. And an excellent tariff plan. Definitely the best Italian hosting. I can not recommend them. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
We were no longer satisfied with the old shared hosting, so we decided to "move". After searching the internet, SupportHost turned out to be one of the best referenced, in fact we found only positive comments. After a few months we can only join the ranks of satisfied customers: competent people, quick responses and competitive prices. Excellent Italian hosting! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
I have created the website of my farm alone. I needed someone who could help me even in simple operations not strictly related to hosting and especially someone who spoke my language. With SupportHost I found a true Italian hosting, an exceptional support, very fast but above all always available. (translated from italian with Google Translate)