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Finally someone who gives what he promises. For years I have been dealing with Italian hosting providers and not, from the advertisements that are read on their sites are all the best for any user, then in practice the reality turns out very different, when you then need assistance you are want to emigrate to another planet. WITH SUPPORTHOST THIS PROBLEM DOES NOT EXIST. You do not have time to write to him that after a few minutes you already see the answer, and they are not answers to download barrel like the others where it is always the fault of the user, here they really take you by hand and solve any problems with the user. Do not be fooled by the location of their headquarters, they are more Italian than many Italians. Not only I recommend it but I super recommend it, they really deserve your full attention. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
I am a webmaster by profession, before I was on Aruba. I paid a lot for a slow service and almost non-existent assistance. not to mention the site, hurt and an absurd inconvenience. I moved to SupportHost and in 10 days I transferred 5 domains, with relatively little difficulty. I was literally "cuddled" by the support of this Italian hosting in these 10 days, receiving answers sometimes until 2 am. Not to mention the prices ... I wonder if they are to make good prices or Aruba to steal money (they even got to pay for advertising on TV). They were also kind enough to create me a personalized rate plan, increasing the service where I needed it, keeping an eye on my wallet, before theirs. And they also have a good affiliate plan ... What to say ... It's only 10 days that I've migrated here, and the comment is a bit hot. He's spinning everything too smoothly, I'm still stunned. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
My two blogs were on SiteGround and with great pleasure I see that SupportHost is superior both for efficiency in terms of assistance and attention in the comparison of the customer, and as regards speed is equal to that of SiteGround with the dedicated Geek and Ip plan (now on WordPress Hosting 2). I hope your service does not change over time! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
Excellent support and quality and reliable service. Nothing better when it comes to the 'engine' to do business online! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
Excellent quality, low price and excellent customer care, available, competent. Overall a 5-star service (translated from italian with Google Translate)
A reliable Hosting managed by serious professionals. But I want to specify the 2 strengths.

1 Perhaps obvious, I do not know ..... but it is completely managed in Italian.

2 Support, guys who say ... well the support is worthy of the name, really incredible, the guys of the chats support and support you :) quickly and attentively and always solve the requests, even those that do not compete.

Thank you so much for your work, for people who do not chew the various codes like me. Supporthost is the best choice, I would say mandatory. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
I am a member of the Facebook group ***, and I heard about SupportHost for the first time in a survey created by another user (it was discussed which one was the best Italian hosting). Intrigued, I did a search in the same group and saw that several users told of their positive experiences with SupportHost. So I visited the website, and, from a non-expert person of hosting and information technology but who has always managed sites independently and tried many different hosting (from the most classic [competitor] of when you are a beginner, to [competitor] passing through some road accidents like [competitor]) I immediately noticed transparency and professionalism in the way of presenting the services. So I took the opportunity to recreate a site that I inevitably had to pause and start doing again now, and I have to say that I feel good. Thanks!

I also add that the interest in the customer, his opinion (both on Facebook and via e-mail) and his experience does not go unnoticed and above all is not for everyone. Thanks again, a greeting!

Cristina (translated from italian with Google Translate)
Really impeccable service. Taking care of your customer the way Supporthost did it isn't easy to find. Courtesy, commitment to solving the problem, taking charge of the problem by going into the question, not abandoning the customer to their own problem by asking the site managers are all factors that really surprised me and that I would always like to find in a service. Sincere congratulations! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
The speed of response is always at the top!
The staff always has the answer ready for every question ......
In my opinion the best hosting ever (translated from italian with Google Translate)
For over two years I have been a customer. I always found an answer, in a very short time. In the commercial aspects, but above all in the technical ones. Their support, sometimes within half an hour, sometimes even in the middle of the night, goes far beyond what they are required to provide as a service. Always available, always attentive, always courteous. And an excellent tariff plan. Definitely the best Italian hosting. I can not recommend them. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
We were no longer satisfied with the old shared hosting, so we decided to "move". After searching the internet, SupportHost turned out to be one of the best referenced, in fact we found only positive comments. After a few months we can only join the ranks of satisfied customers: competent people, quick responses and competitive prices. Excellent Italian hosting! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
I have created the website of my farm alone. I needed someone who could help me even in simple operations not strictly related to hosting and especially someone who spoke my language. With SupportHost I found a true Italian hosting, an exceptional support, very fast but above all always available. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
When I had to put the site online I found some difficulties and support of Supporthost was timely and effective, a true five-star service. It is on those occasions that service really makes a difference and I never do found a better service! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
The service received was excellent and impeccable. At 00.12 a technician followed me step by step, migrated the cpanel with restore of the site, and pointed the new nameserver. Great thank you!!! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
Excellent service and well-prepared and immediate assistance, nothing to improve (translated from italian with Google Translate)
Once the ticket was opened, the team proved to be reactive, available and really professional. TOP assistance (translated from italian with Google Translate)
As always, I find myself repeating with satisfaction, the seriousness, speed and professionalism of the SupportHost technical staff.

Thank you so much for the great service. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
Siteground was very expensive: the first year was discounted, when they renewed it it cost more than double, and the third year with another site that I had with them the price had almost tripled. And they had nothing so unique to offer compared to other hosting services. Also I came from Hostgator whose live chat was great, while those who answered me from Siteground were never convincing. I read the reviews on Supporthost and they were all positive, so I made the move to my three sites to you. At first I was a little hesitant because you don't have a live chat, but your service is so timely that you don't really need it. Thanks! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
Yuri RWebDesigner
Managing 30 without knowing linux I could not do it without professional support, and from firewalls to dns, I often needed their intervention ... Even at 9 on Sunday morning! Excellent. They stand out clearly from mass providers. (translated from italian with Google Translate)
I was surprised at both the speed of support and the increase in site speed after moving from Aruba. What can I say, keep it up! (translated from italian with Google Translate)
Perfect. Migration from siteground happened successfully and without downtime. Issues outside hosting addressed together in a way we would not have expected. Competitive price compared to Siteground. Overall improved performances. Absolutely recommendable.
Suggestions for improvement: some videos or tutorials to give an overview of the services. (translated from italian with Google Translate)