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We periodically ask our clients for review, some are sent by email and reported on this page. Others are posted directly by our clients on third party websites. Find out what they think about us.

  • Our e-learning services needed a professional and reliable hosting service. SupportHost has been above our expectations, with an excellent support service.

  • We were no longer satisfied with our old hosting provider, so we decided to move. After doing an internet search SupportHost seemed one of the best providers, in fact we only found positive reviews. After being with them a few months we can definitely say that we’re satisfied with the service: competent staff, quick answer by email and very good prices.

    Diego, Creator of lbf-logistica.it
  • I’m a webmaster, before I was with Aruba. I was paying a lot of money for a slow service and non-existant support service. And their website is user unfriendly. I moved to Supporthost and in 10 days I moved 5 domains, With no issues. I’ve been “cuddled” from their support in these 10 days, getting answers even at 2am in the morning. And about the prices… I’m wondering if they have good prices or if Aruba is stealing money. They also created custom prices for me, adding features where I needed them, being careful about MY money, before theirs. They also have a very good affiliation plan… What to say. It’s been only 10 days with them so far. Everything is perfect, still can’t believe it.

    Michele Pella, Webmaster pellawebmaster.com
  • I’m with SupportHost for more that 2 years. I always found an answer, and always a quick answer. Their support, sometimes in less than 30 minute, sometimes in the middle of the night is something special. Always careful and polite they are there to solve my problems. And the prices are very good for the service they’re offering. Try them.

    Patrick, Founder of nykyinen.com
  • Finally someone that gives what promised. I started in the webhosting world years ago, with Italian and American providers. From their advertising they are all the best, once you’re with them the reality is different, when you need support you want to migrate to another plane. WITH SUPPORTHOST THIS PROBLEM IS NON EXISTENT. As soon as you write them you see their answer, and they are actually solving problems, not blaming the user for wrong usage. They guide you through the solution and solve every issue you may encounter. Not only I recommend them, I super-recommend them. They deserve all your attention.

    Barbara, giocatevincenti.com
  • I created my website by myself. I needed someone who was able to help me, even in all the related script tasks. With SupportHost i found exceptional and fast support, and always ready to answer to my questions.

    Vincenzo, Owner of certignano.it