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All you have to do is to publish one of our banners on your website or send your unique link to your friends and clients. For every sale coming from your link you will get a commission. You will be able to monitor clicks and sales in real time from our client area.


If you don't have an account on our client area, the first thing you have to do is to create one, it's free

Activate Your Account

If you already have an account, or you just created on, login into our client area and click on "Affiliates" in the left menu to activate your account.

Add a Banner

Once your account is active you will see your unique link and the code for the banners. Add a baner to your website or share your unique link on social media or using the email.


Get commissions up to 40% for every sale coming from your link.

What is the Amount of Commissions?

Earn a recurring commission (ie receive the commission even when the customer renews) of 15% with our hosting affiliation. On request we can give you a one-time commission (so only on first purchase) of 40%. You must decide which one is right for you when you activate your account. Once you have received your first commission we will not be able to change your account, and if you want to change the commission percentage you will need to create a new account. For cloud hosting we have fixed commissions shown below.

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Affiliates FAQ

To join our affiliate program you need an account in our client area, but it's not necessary that you have an active hosting account with us. If you're already a client all you have to do is to click on the "Affiliates" link in the left menu inside the client area.

If you are not a client yet click on the button below to register an account.

We offer a 15% recurring affiliate commission. Upon request we can change your account to receive a one-time affiliate commission of 40% (so only on the first term). You need to decide which is better for you when activating your account. Once you have received your first commission we will not be able to edit your account, so you will have to create a new affiliate account.

For CLOUD commissions are as follows:

15 €For CLOUD 1
20 €For CLOUD 2
25 €For CLOUD 3


Every affiliate has his own link. When a visitor clicks on that link he’s sent to our website and tracked using cookies. If the visitor buys one of our services in the first 90 days after clicking your link you get a commission. You can see you commission in your client area. Make sure that your clients click on your link before purchasing, or we’ll not be able to give you the commission.

With our new rewards we raised affiliates commissions and it’s not possible to use custom discount code. All affiliates coupon will result es expired if used.

You can put your affiliate link wherever you prefer.

You cannot refer yourself. We periodically perform a series of checks to see if anyone is self-referring and if so we block the affiliate account and we pay no commission.

SURE! You can find them in the client area clicking the link “Affiliates”

Yes, if you want to create a custom promotion and have a landing page contact us and we’ll see if we can create a custom promotion.

This is not necessary, but we think that banners are one of the best tools since they catch visitors’ attention.

You can also write a review or articles about our services inserting your affiliate link in them.

If you simply what to introduce us to your friends just send them you affiliate link by email.

SupportHost Reward Is open to everyone! If you think you can send us a new client we will be more than happy to work with you in respect of our affiliates terms.

Commissions are added to your account after the client has been with us for for 30 days, to ensure that the satisfaction guarantee was not invoked.

Commissions are paid by PayPal, Wire Transfer or added to you account’s credit after we receive the withdraw request. To withdraw you must reach the minimum of 50€ in commissions. You can request the payment from the page “Affiliates” in the client area after you reached the commission minimum.

We pay a commission on hosting plans and CLOUD. Currently we do not pay commissions for other services.

Create Your Affiliate Account

Try our hosting free for 14 days to create an account

For security reasons we have disabled registration without purchase. Every time a hosting plan is purchased (even a free trial account), the anti-fraud system checks the user's data.

If you are not yet a SupportHost customer, just activate a free trial by clicking on one of the buttons below. In this way you can try our service for free (no credit card required) and recommend a service that you actually tried. This way, our system creates an account for you in the client area and you can activate your affiliate account clicking on the "Affiliates" link in the left menu in the client area.

Obviously, the free trial does not involve any future obligation or any kind of commitment. You only need it to create an account in the client area (which you will then use as an affiliate account) and to try our service so you can talk about us after experiencing our services.

You have no obligation to purchase in the future, the free account is only to try our services before promoting it. Your account will remain active forever, even after the free trial expires.